7 Ways a Digital Detox Will Make You More Adventurous

7 Ways a Digital Detox Will Make You More Adventurous

When was the last time that you went 24 hours without checking your social media accounts? A month? A year? 5 years? Maybe it’s time that you had a Digital Detox.

Statistics show that, on average, UK adults check their phones over 150 times every day, they spend more than 2 hours each day on social media, and over 25 hours per week online.

Let that sink in for a minute. In every 7 days, the average UK based adult is spending a full day online, either on their phone, or in front of a laptop or screen.

In a world where we are constantly complaining that we never have enough time, the answer is, quite literally, staring us in the face.

How many times have we all said “There aren’t enough hours in the day” or “I wish I had an extra day off this week“?

If this sounds all too familiar and you want to claim back some of that wasted time, then consider a digital detox and see just how many adventures you can squeeze into that new found time.

Here are 7 benefits of logging out for just 24 hours….

You Will Prove That You Can

If you fall under the label of ‘Internet Addict’ then it’s time to break the habit.

We were all doing just fine in 2004 before the launch of Facebook, and we didn’t have an iPhone to check 150 times a day before 2007.

We climbed mountains without ‘Instagramming’ them, we rode mountain bikes without Strava timing us, and we definitely didn’t have a GoPro attached to us or a drone flying over us.

If you’re up to the challenge, log out for 24 hours, battle the inner FOMO and prove to yourself that life goes on even if you miss a notification and break your Timehop streak.

You Will Free Up Your Time

What would you do with an extra day each week?

We’ve probably all got a list of things that we want to do, but never get around to doing; apparently because we’re endlessly scrolling down our newsfeed, usually reading about the mundane lives of some people we went to school with and have never spoken to since. In reality, even if we saw those people in the supermarket we would probably avoid eye contact with them by getting our phones out and scrolling down our newsfeed, so why are we doing it in the first place?

Think of the things you could be doing instead. On the weekdays you could be getting at least an hour outside and then using the other hour to get planning and organising your life so you can free up the weekends for some epic adventures.

You Will Sleep Better

It’s now a well known fact that phones directly affect sleep. The brain interprets the blue light that your phone gives off as daylight and slows down the release of the hormones that your body produces to send you to sleep.

Some phones now have a function known as ‘night shift’ to combat this and turning this on will turn your screen to a funny shade of yellow to reduce the blue light problem. However, if you’re checking your phone late at night it is still likely to stimulate your brain and cause you to take longer to fall asleep.

Many people recommend avoiding your phone for at least 2 hours before you plan to sleep, but if you’re planning a Digital Detox then you can expect a better night’s sleep.

If you’re getting to sleep earlier, you could get up earlier. Nothing beats an early morning adventure, and an hour outside before work will really set you up for a great day.

Digital Detox - Morning Adventures

It Will Increase Your Productivity

Everything takes longer with the added distractions of social media and I’m sure that we are all guilty of procrastinating from the current task by checking our social media.

By training ourselves to not get distracted we can accomplish all of our daily tasks faster. All of those chores that we put off until the weekend because we think we haven’t got time in the week; put your phone away and get them done. If you can complete all of your tasks in the week and leave your weekends completely free for adventure you are going to feel great. You can wash the car, mow the lawn and tidy out the garage in the same amount of time that you usually waste on social media.

It Will Clear Your Mind

We are all subconsciously suffering from information overload. Social media forces us to consume hundreds of tiny pieces of information in a short space of time, which creates hundreds of trains of thought that are abruptly halted by the next snippet of information. Every Facebook post, Tweet or Instagram caption has us thinking about something else, so in the end we end up thinking about everything and nothing all at once.

A Digital Detox will allow your mind to clear, and then focus fully on whatever it is you choose to think about and those deeper thoughts will eventually lead to a better sense of clarity.

You Will Be More Sociable

Social media claims to be connecting people; but is it really?

When we can constantly see posts and photos from people, we already know how they are and what they’re up to, so we’ve just stopped asking.

If you’re cutting out social media you might just start to wonder how your friends are and make some plans to meet up instead of just observing their lives through Instagram Stories.

Pick up the phone. Call them. Arrange something. It’s easy.

Digital Detox - Be More Sociable

You Will Be More Present

How often are you in an incredible moment but feel the need to capture it for social media rather that just enjoy it?

I’m as guilty as anyone for this one and will often find an incredible view when out and about on an adventure, but then only see that view through the viewfinder of my camera or screen of my phone as I try to capture the perfect image for Instagram. I very rarely go anywhere without taking dozens of photos and that can cause me to not be present in that moment.

Recently, I’ve completely stopped taking photos on my morning walk, and instead I keep my head up and see and experience everything right there and then.

Of course, we are always going to want to document our epic adventures, but remember to take some time to enjoy the moment as well, and if you’re just going to your local hills or forest, leave the camera behind and just enjoy it for what it is.

Digital Detox

Are you up for the challenge? Could you go a whole day without checking your phone? How about a whole week?

Why not try and do it this coming Saturday and go on an adventure instead?

Leave me a comment below if you think we should make #SignOutSaturdays a thing!


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  1. January 21, 2018 / 8:24 pm

    I go through phases of detox. If it wasn’t for my blogging friends I would not be on social media at all! Definitely agree with all the benefits!

    • Rob | The Outdoor Adventure Blog
      January 22, 2018 / 11:38 am

      I think a lot of people are starting to have a love/hate relationship with their social channels.
      Any tips for breaking the habits?

  2. January 22, 2018 / 5:50 pm

    Great Post Rob!

    You are writing some really good stuff at the moment. I really like your style and it is very thought-provoking.

    I agree with a lot of the points you have raised. I have curtailed my use of Social Media and certainly made for more and more time to be spent in the outdoors. Cycling, running and hiking, both by myself and with friends and family.

    It is very easy to get trapped, but focusing on the things I enjoy are now far more important than checking and growing on my channels.

    I just would prefer my blog to be my chosen vehicle.

    Keep up the good work!!

    • Rob | The Outdoor Adventure Blog
      January 23, 2018 / 3:56 pm

      Thanks Gareth. How simple would it be if we just had blogs and no other social media

  3. January 23, 2018 / 8:24 am

    Excellent post.

    My other half is glued to her phone sadly, and the kids, well… But I need to spend more time away from social media for sure as well. Now to try and convince the whole house to have a digital detox.

    • Rob | The Outdoor Adventure Blog
      January 23, 2018 / 3:58 pm

      Ironically, there’s an app called Freedom that will block your access to social media channels for your specified amount of time. That could be really useful, especially with kids.

  4. January 23, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    Amen to this though I am an in the ironic situation of blogging to help people get outdoors more….Finding the balance is not easy. Interesting also to see the years the various techs were introduced to us unsuspecting humans!

    • Rob | The Outdoor Adventure Blog
      January 23, 2018 / 4:02 pm

      It’s surprising how old the iPhone is. I think I was still clinging to my old Nokia for a couple of years after the iPhone launch.
      I read another statistic that said that UK adults spent an average of 9 hours per week online in 2005, and it’s now an average of 25 hours. That’s a serious increase.

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